The company IK STEEL s.r.o. was established in the year 1996 and its main scope of business was production and assembly of steel structures, whereas later the company expanded its activity to supplies of supporting structures of production units and supplies of complete production halls. During the period of its existence the company acquired a stabile place among the significant producers and suppliers of steel structures.

The company IK STEEL s.r.o. performs production in two-nave production hall with the total area of 1,620 m2, which is craned by traversing cranes with loading capacity of 5 tons. The company employs about 100 employees, out of which 50 are workers, 40 assemblers, and 15 technical and economic ones. The production capacity of the company is about 300 t and the assembly capacity is about 450 t a month.

The company performs the following activities:

  • designing,
  • preparation of static and workshop documentation,
  • production and assembly of steel halls,
  • sheathing of production halls (systems RANNILA, Kingspan)
  • production of various metal structures,
  • production of traction and lighting masts,
  • surface finish of metal products by jetting, zinc plating, spraying of synthetic, polyurethane, and epoxy coating substances,
  • assembly of technological units,
  • supply and assembly of sandwich roof and wall panels.

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